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Materials are free of charge.

There 9 chapters, in PowerPoint and PDF format, including Guidebook for trainers and examining questions.

 PECCS started in 2016. For three years, intensive work was carried through by partners from 8 different countries to create the PECCS outcomes in order to enhance the shot-firer mobility in Europe.  The project ended successfully in 2019.

The first PECCS training course was organised in Sweden in the beginning of 2020. For 7 days, shot-firers, teachers and specialists used the PECCS materials, studied them from inside out and even went through exams, based on these materials in order to find small mistakes or holes in the material, as a finalising touch.

At this time, the Pan-European Competence Certificate for Shot- firers and Blast designers is created for those, who already have experience as a shot-firer and who already holds a national shot-firer certificate. According to the European Qualification Framework, the PECCS certificate is for level 4-5. And those shot firers, who have passed the PECCS course and received the PECCS Attendance certificate, will be able to apply for a full PECCS Certificate from EFEE.

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