History of shot-firer education in EFEE
One of the purposes of EFEE – the European Federation of Explosives Engineers, has always been to provide a European forum for professionals working in the field of explosives techniques in rock. In 1998, EFEE started issuing European Shot-firer Licences based on existing national licences in the member nations.
But as the educational standards all over Europe were very different, the EFEE Shot-firing Committee stopped issuing Certificates based on National education, and started with the harmonisation of the educational requirements for the shot-firer in Europe in order to enhance free mobility
Shot-firer Certificates
 The aim was to create a more universal educational material, which could be shared all over Europe and which would include one universal certificate.
 Since 2016 EFEE ran a Pan-European Competence Certificate for Shot-firers and Blast-designers – PECCS program on EQF levels 4-5, to finally have a comprehensive and certified material for shot-firer education all over Europe.
In 2020 the PECCS material became a part of EFEE Education System, which will continuously analyse, develop and modernise the European shot-firer education, the PECCS materials and enhance the shot-firer mobility.
Now through the EFEE Education System all interested educational entities can apply for the PECCS material for free. The aim is to have a one strong certificate all over Europe for shot-firers and blast designers to use as proof of competence in different countries.
Eventually, EFEE aims to reach the European directive, in cooperation with the European Commission, but this can happen only if the existing shot-firer education is comparable and certified.
Become a PECCS educator!
So help us and apply for the material through info@ shotfirer.eu or info@ efee.eu. There is no charge.